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Tallest Grass

If you've ever watched an outdoor game of sports - such as tennis, or golf - you've probably noticed that the ground is often green.
That's not mould - it's grass!

Grass is a species of plant, like flowers or trees. But grass doesn't look particularly nice (unless you really like the colour green), and you can't build a tree house in it... so what is the point in it?

The point in grass is to give bugs a place to hide.
If there was nowhere for bugs to hide, birds would eat them all, and that would cause a disastrous chain of events culminating with the total destruction of nature!

Luckily, grass is in no danger of disappearing. Many people use it to decorate their gardens and some even plant it on top of their houses, the idiots!
But if you intend to plant some grass, don't forget that grass grows. And I read in a book that if you let it grow too long, snakes appear.

If that book is correct, there must be loads of snakes in Yosemite National Park, America - because that is where the tallest grass is located.

In some places, the grass measures more than 1.2 metres in height!

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