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Most Sheep in a Field

I'm no farmer.
I've never ploughed a field.
I haven't planted any seeds.
And my hands have never been anywhere near a chicken's egg hole.

Thus, I always approach a farmyard-based WOW with some trepidation: how can I be sure that my facts and figures are accurate?

The answer is by doing research. That's how.

Take, for example, the WOW that you are currently reading. The most sheep in a field WOW.

The original submittor, Jack Johnstone from Sheffield, England, claimed to have stuffed an incredible fifty-two sheep into a field measuring just six foot square.
As I was drawing up his certificate, I suddenly decided to measure a sheep.

Imagine my shock to discover that an average sheep measures four by two feet! Fitting fifty-two into such a small field would have resulted in instant sheep pate!

Jack Johnstone's application was immediately thrown out, and I was forced to survery the fields of Europe to find the true number myself.

As it turned out, the most sheep in a field was two hundred and nine.
The field was in Poland, and was too big to measure.

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