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Most Expensive Telephone Call

Talking on the telephone is an effective way to communicate with friends and relations who live a significant distance away.
Your alternate options are to either visit the desired recipient in person (not a good solution if they have a hideous face), or to shout into a boot, and post it to them (sound may escape from the heel during transit).
Using a telephone is therefore the best solution.

But wait! Telephone calls aren't free: first you need to own a telephone, then you have to rent the telephone line, and finally you pay for the telephone call! It's no wonder that the telephone companies are quite literally rolling around in a big pit of money.

And no-one has contributed more to the contents of that pit than Sam Morkmore, from Ohio, America - because he holds the WOW for the most expensive telephone call: a call he made in 1994 to an uncle in Luxembourg, Europe!
The two spoke for almost forty-five minutes, costing Sam an incredible fifty-two dollars!

They were talking about popular fruit.


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