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Heaviest Weight Suspended by a Beard

Santa Claus, Blackbeard, Brian Blessed, David Bellamy, Professor Dumbledore and Colonel Sanders. All of these highly respected pillars of society have one important thing in common - an exceedingly hairy chin, aka a beard!

Beards have many uses:

Crumb storage,
Nature's tie,
A pillow for neck-dwelling entities,
Fold it up, and you have a hairy mask!

Did you know that the curly nature of beard hair is what originally inspired Gerald Velcro to invent Velcro! It's true!
He got the idea after he saw an old bearded tramp become hopelessly tangled in a bramble bush.

But that wasn't the last time a beard would become tangled. Because on the 5th of March, 2001, an Egyptian mechanic named Errol discovered that his beard had wrapped itself around the wiring loom of a 1971 VW Beetle.
Unfortunately, he only discovered this as the car was for some reason being dropped into a pit.
For a split second, all 300lbs of the vehicle was suspended by Errol's beard!
And then his neck was broken.


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