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Largest Spray Painted Picture

Michaelangelo was an artist several hundred years ago, who lived in the town of Italy. One of his most famous works was to paint the ceiling of the Cistene Chapel.
He didn't paint it just one colour - he painted a whole naked cartoon strip up there!

But paint back then wasn't very good quality: its main ingredient was squashed flies. Working with such lumpy paint was hard work, and as a result, the entire job took Michaelangelo eleven years.

Had Michaelangelo been around today, he would have been amazed at the quality of our paints. No more squashed flies here! Only the finest harmful chemicals for today's artists!
If you've ever discharged a can of spray paint right into your mouth, you'll know what I mean.

Indeed, it's a wonder that the largest spray painted picture was ever even completed - the dangerously concentrated cloud of fumes released during its development was reported to have corroded scaffolding, and may have killed a whole flock of swans!

But completed it was. And you can see it at Hezarfen Airport, Istanbul!

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