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Smallest Volcano

The ground beneath our feet seems fairly stable. We build houses on it, walk on it, shout on it, watch 'The Simpsons' on it - quite simply, we depend a great deal on the ground.
But the ground isn't as solid as we might believe. Just a couple of metres below where you are currently sitting, there is a massive river of molten lava - exactly the same lava that comes out of volcanoes! Yes, that really hot, red stuff.

It's no coincidence - a volcano is simply a hole in the ground where the lava has escaped! The bigger the volcano, the larger the hole.

The smallest volcano, logically, must therefore have been created by the smallest hole in the ground: a natural water spring.
But wait... lava doesn't come out of a water spring - spring water does! Once again, logic has failed.

Lava doesn't come out of small holes because the Earth's magnetic field doesn't allow it.

Therefore, the smallest volcano cannot be a natural volcano. It must be a man-made one!

Yes, you've guessed it. The smallest volcano is one of those icing bag things that bakers use to decorate cakes.
When they squeeze the bag, the 'volcano' erupts deliciously!

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