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Most Feared Pirate

"Ahoy! I'm a pirate, and I'm going to steal a dubloon, and also you are a sea dog! Yoo Hoo!".

If you were a merchant in the year 1640, that's exactly what you would have heard when you met a pirate.
You would have been very scared - and rightly so!

The popular image of the pirate today is of Captain Jack Sparrow, staggering around and turning into a living zombie at apparently random intervals. But Sparrow's handsome rougeishness is a long way from the truth.

Picture this: an old toothless man, with a massive, stinking beard. He has a hook instead of an arm, and a peg instead of a knee. And he is killing you, because you are a merchant. Yes, that is the true image of a pirate!
Now you understand why pirates were so feared in the year 1640.

But who of all pirates was the most feared? Let's make a list of all the pirates that have ever existed:

Captain Scrod,
One Eyed Willie,
Peg Leg Pete,
Captain Hook,
Blackbeard the Pirate,
Treasure Island Dizzy.

Of course, the most fearsome was Blackbeard the Pirate, whose real identity was apparently British Politian Edward Heath.
Blackbeard was so fearsome, he is said to have scared his own tongue to death!


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