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Smallest Rubber Band Ball

Rubber bands are great. Not only do they hold things together, you can also fire them at co-workers, family members and other beings. There aren't many items of stationery you can say that about!
You could try saying that about paper clips, but I wouldn't recommend firing them around the room. They could cause a serious injury, such as stabbing!
And you certainly couldn't say that about rulers. That wouldn't even make sense.

What else can you do with rubber bands? Why, collect them, of course... in the form of an enormous rubber band ball. Everyone knows that!

Everyone, that is, except Philip Wilson of Utah, USA. For although he owns several rubber bands, he stores them in his desk drawer, loose.
Only once was a ball accidentally formed - when Philip dropped two and they became slightly tangled... officially becoming the smallest rubber band ball!

Well done Mr Wilson!

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