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Tallest Cloud

Clouds are incredible things.
They fly through the air with the greatest of ease... just like trapeze artists.
And they sometimes fall down, hitting the ground and turning into a mist... just like trapeze artists!

But that's where any similarities end. At least until trapeze artists transform into water vapour - which is unlikely, of course, since the safety net companies would be put out of business.

Did you know there are more than twenty different types of cloud? I don't know them all - they all have fancy Latin names: Nicobobinus, Stradivarius and Hydrocephalus... better known to the common man as rain clouds, wispy clouds and cotton wool clouds.

Because they're so high up, it can be difficult to measure a cloud's height. Indeed, until very recently, scientists had to fly through them, in a plane with a massive ruler bolted to the roof.
Now, however, they use lasers for measurement - by projecting a point onto the top of a cloud, and counting how long it takes to appear, the height of that point can be calculated.

And amazingly, this is exactly the method I used to discover the tallest cloud!

Borrowing a laser pointer, I shone it at the biggest cloud in the sky. Imagine my surprise when the point appeared... 3 seconds later!
Multiplying this by the speed of light, and converting it into miles, the cloud turned out to be an incredible 558,847 miles high!


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