Random WOW: ' Longest Item of Stationary '

Best Manmade Explosion

Ordinarily, humans like to stay as far away as possible from explosions.
Explosions are harmful, and can seriously damage items of importance, such as my face.

But on occasions, a certain proximity to explosions is necessary. Take, for instance, fireworks.
Without an explosion, a firework is just a guy running around in a field, setting fire to toilet rolls. Hardly spectacular.

Another example are explosions that are staged for film and television productions, such as Star Wars and John Craven's Newsround.Explosions are exciting and interesting - exactly what is needed in such productions.

And it is within the world of film and television that you can witness the best manmande explosion: created for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, when that train blows up into a million pieces.

It's an excellent, extremely woody explosion.

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