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Biggest Fish

Thou shall have a fishy,
On a little dishy,
Thou shall have a fishy when the boats come in.

An old song there, advertising fish.

Did you know that there are more fish in the world's oceans than there are humans in the world's oceans?
This means that there will always be plenty of fish for us to eat - fishermen will always be in work, and boat builders will always have plenty of bearded customers.

Let's take another look at the song that began this WOW: in particular, the reference to a little dishy.
Because a little dishy would be utterly useless, were the boats to come in carrying the biggest fish - Jaws!

Jaws was a massive fish who ate some people to death! Luckily, he was so hungry, he also ate a can of gas, and went bang (exploded).

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