Random WOW: ' Brightest Torch '

Largest Gathering of Games Characters

A red cap, some red overalls, and a moustache.
If you own all of the above items, congratulations! You own a Super Mario costume!

Perhaps you have in your closet a pair of tiny brown shorts, a blue top and some guns. You must be Tomb Raider Lara Croft!

Got a red Fez, waistcoat, and unnaturally white skin? Well get yourself to hospital, Nick from Snow Bros!

By now, you've no doubt guessed the theme of this WOW - computer game character costumes!

While easily as popular as film and TV costumes, game costumes are often more difficult to recreate, since computer game characters don't actually exist, except in the form of pixels and polygons. You can't just wander into your local hardware shop and ask to buy a polygon - believe me!

And even if you do manage to recreate your favourite gaming icon's wardrobe, what do you do with it?

Of course, you attempt to set the WOW for the largest gathering of games characters - and that is exactly what 63 people did in London, on the 25th of March 2008!

I counted amongst the crowd twelve Marios, five Donkey Kongs, and one plane (from Flight Simulator 2004).


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