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Longest Cricket Match

I don't know much about cricket, but I know what I like, and I don't like cricket.

The game involves standing around for several hours, attempting to work out what an 'over' is, before a heavy red ball is fired directly into your ankle.
Eventually, you are handed a bat and must stop the same ball from knocking into a pile of sticks. If the ball hits the sticks, you have won a duck, and the game is over.

Strange indeed.

One of the most famous cricket players of all time was named W G Grace. A massively obese man, Grace used his great weight to bend spacetime, and thus distort the scores. On the other hand, he had an enormous beard, so perhaps he wasn't all bad.

If he was still alive today, he would no doubt be very interested to learn about the occasion of the longest cricket match: a match that lasted more then 50 hours, played between two Brisbane cricket teams!

The reason for this extraordinary length is that the umpire swallowed his whistle!

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