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Fastest National Anthem

Did you know that every country in the world has its own national anthem?
It's true!
In fact, a country without a national anthem is legally nothing more than a grouping of illegal refugees!

Some anthems are rather famous:

England has God Save the Queen. It's a song all about the head of the royal family. It's also mind-numbingly slow: I almost lost my mind whilst listening to it once!

America has The Star Spangled Banner, which I think is all about Bruce Banner, aka The Incredible Hulk. The Incredible Hulk, you see, is the personification of America - hugely powerful, green and with a terrible haircut.

And Benin has the theme tune to Jimbo and the Jet Set.

Of course, there are many more countries in the world - more than twelve, in fact! But I can't list them all.

What I can and will list is the identity of the country that has the fastest national anthem... it's Peru!

The Peruvian national anthem is titled 'Himno Nacional del Peru'.
If you listen to it underwater, it sounds a bit like that song they play at weddings, but horribly garbled.
I expect this causes much confusion at underwater Peruvian weddings.

Thankfully, unlike weddings, it's very short. It only lasts 56 seconds!


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