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Most Playing Cards in a Pack

If you're familiar with playing cards, you'll know that there are normally fifty-two playing cards in a pack of playing cards.
This doesn't include the ones that tell you the rules, and the jokers.

What can you do with such a pack? A lot, that's what.

Aside from the usual card games, you can also build things by carefully stacking cards, you can perform magic tricks involving cards disappearing or exploding, you can use cards to squash wasps or moths, and you can shove cards in your mouth and call yourself 'The Infamous Card Mouth'.

The more cards you have, the longer these activities can continue - since all cards eventually wear out, due to erosion.
The pack containing the most playing cards would allow you to continue for a few minutes longer than a normal pack - so you might be interested to know its identity.

And that identity is a pack of unbranded cards purchased in Las Vegas, America in 1997.
There were an amazing sixty playing cards inside, due to a manufacturing defect!


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