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Most Common Cause of Death

It's a depressing subject, isn't it? The realisation that we will all eventually die is a sobering one. It's a pity, really.

What would happen to this website, for example, if I was to die tomorrow in a freak sandwich toaster related accident?
Instantly, it would be taken over by the criminal internet robots, who would fill it with naked rudeness.
For me, it would be a dark day indeed.

For a start, I would be dead.

But don't cry! I don't even own a sandwich toaster! And even if I did, I wouldn't use it: I hate toasted sandwiches. They make me vomit.

And even if it were to sneak up on me from some other, non-sandwich-related avenue, thanks to modern medicine, death could probably be temporarily postponed while I updated the site with details of my impending funeral and where to send the money.

Yes, today's doctors have all kinds of fancy machinery at their disposal, able to restart a heart in the blink of an eye, re-blink an eye in the beat of a heart and... re-eye a beat in the... heart of a blink?

However, all the machinery in the world couldn't save me from what is the most common cause of death, for no-one knows what causes it.

It's when you do a really big sneeze, and your lungs explode.


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