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Best Plasticine Character

Imagine taking a blob of plasticine and carefully moulding it around a wire skeleton.
Next, slowly pose your creation in a scene and take a photograph of it.
Millimetre by millimetre, reposition every item in the scene, being sure to take a photograph each time you change something.
Now, become enraged because some idiot left the door open, and everything has blown over, and now you have to re-position everything in the scene and start all over again!
You begin using your fists to smash the set to pieces, and soon flatten the plasticine character into an unidentifiable blob.
Collapsing to the floor, you curl up into a ball and weep uncontrollably.

That's stop motion animation!

Unsurprisingly, you don't see much stop motion animation any more - it is virtually extinct, thanks to computers.
You know how dinosaurs became extinct, when a meteorite crashed into their house? It's the same!

All animation is now done by computers, using virtual characters and 'inverse kinematics', a type of backwards kinematics.
You know Shrek, the green monster? He's a virtual character! He's made out of a million polygons!

Do you think that polygons are better than plasticine. Well, they're not! Don't think that!
No, plasticine is much better than polygons. You can't touch a polygon, for a start! And neither can you eat a polygon. And also, a polygon doesn't really exist.
Plasticine exists. The evidence includes plasticine characters, that you can look at, and touch.

The best plasticine character is Fireman Sam.

Fireman Sam was Postman Pat's brother, but rather than having a sausage shaped nose, he had a potato shaped face.
When they were younger, their parents used to joke that if they fried Pat's nose, and crushed Sam's face, they could make a massive plate of bangers and mash!


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