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Largest Loaf of Bread

One of the oldest foods in the world is bread.
If you've ever had a sandwich, you've had some bread - yes, it's that white stuff!

Bread works by mixing flour (crushed corn), yeast (tiny ants) and sugar (sugar) together in a big pot, and adding water.
The yeast eats the sugar (sugar is a yeast's favourite food) and then drowns in the water. This produces splashing, which propels the flour into the air, forming a loaf of bread!

The more ingredients you add, the larger the loaf you will create.

The largest loaf of bread was created by a team of bakers from Hull, England. It required two tonnes of flour and the population of a whole yeast city.
When the water (twenty gallons) was added, the yeast world's governments declared the bakers terrorists, and declared war!
Of course, they didn't achieve much. They were yeast.

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