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Most Yolks Found in an Egg

Eggs are pretty important.

Whether kept secretly inside the body, or emitted into an external nest, every species of life on the planet requires eggs to live.

You're probably most familiar with chicken eggs. They are available in your local shop, and are full of eggy goodness.
I'll tell you what else they are full of: a yolk!

The yolk of an egg is the yellow part. There is only supposed to be one in each egg: if an egg was to transform into a baby, the yolk is what would turn into the baby's face.
Babies don't need more than one face!

However, on freak occasions, more than one yolk can develop.

Michel Pyles of Calais, France, knows all about these freak occasions: for 'twas on the morning of November 13th 2002 when he discovered the most yolks found in an egg: two!


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