Random WOW: ' Loudest Cheerleading Cheer '

Most Popular Street Fighter Character

Down, down-forward, forward, punch.

No, I'm not dancing violently. I'm playing Street Fighter, and I have just done a fireball!

Street Fighter is one of the longest-running series of video games in the world.
The first Street Fighter game was Space Invaders (1979), in which the player, a gun turret on a street, had a fight with space invaders!
However, executives soon decided humans fighting other humans was a better idea, and released Street Fighter 2 (1992).
Then a whole load of other versions were released, including Street Figher Alpha (1993), Street Fighter - The Movie (1994) and Marvel vs Capcom (1995).

Some popular street fighter characters include Ken, E-Honda, Dhalsim and Mike Tyson.
But don't think there are no female characters!

Because there are some.

The most popular Street Fighter character is named Guile. Guile is some kind of American army guy, with a massive brush instead of a head.
When he wins a fight, he combs his brush!


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