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Biggest Rubber Band Ball

The history of the rubber band is short, exciting and involves a mad monkey. So here it is!

A Brazilian forester was walking through some rainforests one day, when he was suddenly attacked by a mad monkey. In an attempt to escape, the man scrambled up a nearby tree - followed closely by the monkey. Part-way up, it grabbed his shin and pulled him to the ground!
But, as he fell, the tree began to wobble...
Suddenly, the tree bounced several miles into the air - with the monkey still attached! Imagine the monkey's surprise!
Of course, the monkey wasn't surprised at all - monkeys don't have emotions, since they are just dumb monkeys.
It doesn't really matter anyway - it soon died of its injuries.

As it turned out, the forester had stumbled into a clump of rare rubber trees.
He took a few cuttings, scraped up the remains of the monkey, and several years later, was the proprietor of the world's first rubber tree plantation, and the owner of a very hairy jacket!

Rubber today has many uses: footballs are made from rubber, rubber balls are made from rubber - even balloons are made from rubber!

You know what else is made from rubber? Rubber bands!

Rubber bands are supposed to be used for keeping bundles of paper together. That's why they were invented.

Katie Bashdown obviously doesn't realise this - for whenever she finds a rubber band, she wraps it around her rubber band ball!
Currently the ball measures a whopping 7 feet 3 inches in diameter!

She stores it in her back garden, next to some manure.


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