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Oldest Male Ballet Dancer

If you like looking at men leaping and spinning around in tights, perhaps you might enjoy the sport of ballet.

Ballet was invented by the French, as a means of dodging bullets and shells during the first world war. It was a hugely successful strategy, and the statistics speak for themselves: not one ballet dancer is recorded as having perished!

Modern ballet, however, has little in common with its origin. Now, rather than gunfire and explosions, it is set to classical music.

One of the youngest modern male ballet dancers was the subject of the film 'Billy Elliot'. His name wasn't Billy Elliot in real life, though: it was Brian Plough.

But what about the oldest male ballet dancer? Who is he, and why isn't there a film about him?

The oldest male ballet dancer is Sam Porkham, born in 1912. He attributes his fitness and good health to smoking cigarettes and drinking raw eggs.

And there is a film about him: Cocoon!
That white shrivelled alien is based on him.


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