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Best Star Trek Film

Star Trek was a television series invented by a policeman in 1960.

Originally it starred Captain Kirk and Mr Spock. Soon more crew appeared, as if by magic!

But the television series ended, and Captain Kirk and his friends decided to make a film instead: it involved a fierce battle against a vicious gang of aliens.
Of course, everyone knows what those aliens are called, since they have crushed heads: The Klingons!

Ten more films were made, and the crew were reunited with the Klingons in a joyous scene featuring laughing!

There have been many great moments in each of the films.
Who can forget the moment when the Klingons put the slug in that old man's ear?
Or what about when that old man pushes a marshmallow out of a tube?

Both classic scenes. But neither of those scenes happen in the best Star Trek film.

The best film is that one where they all go back in time to kidnap a whale.

It also features comedy when an old man mistakes a computer keyboard as a microphone, and begins to sing into it!

I believe that the old man was nominated for an Academy Award for 'Best Sound Effect'.

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