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Largest Miniature Railroad

Regular sized trains are usually expensive, overcrowded, uncomfortable and late. You might not enjoy travelling on them... but imagine travelling on a miniature railroad, where the train measures just 2 inches in height!

You would have to liquidise your whole body and pour it into each carriage, hoping that by the time you arrive at your destination, science has devised a cure for human liquidisation!
That would be a train journey to avoid.

Thankfully, there is currently no need to make such a journey: The majority of miniature railway tracks are only a metre or two in length, a distance walkable by all but the morbidly obese.

But things may be about to change: the largest miniature railway was recently opened, with a system of tracks stretching an incredible 52 metres!

A recent survey in America found that 62% of people would be willing to liquidise themselves in order to travel 70 metres!
If my calculations are correct, this means that by the year 2013, America will be mostly filled with pink slush!


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