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Highest Paid Bullfighter

Have you ever tried to fight an animal?
I once tripped over a duck, but an ugly confrontation was averted with a liberal scattering of breadcrumbs.
I have also punched a dog, but it deserved it.

I can honestly say, however, that I have never had the urge to fight a bull.

Bulls are like cows, but bigger, and a lot angrier. Also, it is very awkward to get milk out of a bull.

But in the country known as Spain, there exists a vocation devoted solely to fighting these creatures: bullfighting!

I don't know much about bullfighting, but I imagine it involves raising a bull onto its hind legs - achieved by means of an elaborate pulley system - before it is repeatedly punched it in the face by the brave bullfighter.

This spectacle is extremely popular in Spain, and a highly ranked bullfighter can earn a great deal of money - enough to buy several cars!

And several cars are exactly what the highest paid bullfighter bought with his earnings: five Deloreans, to be exact!

His name is Jose Fernaren, and he earns more than 200 pesetas for every bull he knocks out!

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