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Longest Space Shuttle Mission

Ever since Socrates looked up into the night sky and proclaimed that the moon was a ball of Zeus' earwax, mankind has been fascinated by space.

A thousand years later, countless probes, rockets and satellites were fired into 'the black stuff'. Some landed on the moon. Some landed on Mars. Some didn't land at all, possibly due to aliens!

Costs began to mount up. Space agencies needed a vehicle that could be used more than once. And thus, the space shuttle was invented!

Space shuttles are remarkable. Here are some facts you might like to learn about them:

Shuttle fact: Space shuttles are coated in the same material used to make saucepans: metal!

Shuttle fact: Although up to twenty astronauts can fit in a space shuttle's cockpit, it wouldn't be able to take off.

Shuttle fact: NASA owns three space shuttles, and it keeps them in a massive shed in Alabama.

Shuttle fact: The amount of fuel required to launch a space shuttle is enough to fill every swimming pool in Portslade!

Normally, space shuttle missions last a few days: just long enough to drop off astronauts and supplies at the nearest space station before returning to Earth.

But the longest space shuttle mission lasted much longer - almost two weeks!

This was because of a serious malfunction.


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