Random WOW: ' Longest Drawing '

Largest Parade of Smart Cars

The Smart car was created in 1999, when a work experience student at Mercedes-Benz accidentally tore a car blueprint in half.
He hastily drew wheels on what was left and fed it into the 'car making machine': minutes later, the first Smart car was born, and the student was a millionaire!

Smart cars are very popular, since they enable you to drive through alleys and park in very small spaces - like a mouse's doorway! They are made from plastic, so they will never rust, and they don't run on petrol - they are powered by the tides.

On the morning of November the 25th, twenty-three Smart cars set the WOW for the longest parade of smart cars!
They were on their way back to the factory, having been recalled due to faulty door hinges!

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