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Fastest Clown

Measuring the speed of clowns has always been a tricky business.

Today, sophisticated radar or laser systems are used.
But in the past, an archaic system known as the 'Distance Displacement Table' (DDT) was employed, often leading to clown speed calculations that varied wildly in their accuracy.

In 1933, popular entertainer 'Harry Clown' was recorded as having travelled 32 miles per hour, whilst somersaulting off a pier.
At that time, he was declared the fastest clown.

And perhaps he would still be, had the clowning governing body not ruled all previous speed-based records unsafe, due to the inconsistencies inherent in the DDT.

Instead, the WOW is currently held by Ernest Borgnine, who performed as the Grand Clown in Milwaukee's annual Great Circus Parade for many years, until he was dead.

The record was set when the parade took a wrong turn and headed down a steep hill. Borgnine was dragged behind a Flintstones themed float as it reached a speed of 25 miles per hour!


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