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Smallest Origami Creation

I'm sure you know what origami is. It's when you fold up some paper, and it looks vaguely like something!

Some origami is very easy. For example, you can make a boulder by simply screwing some paper into a ball!
Recreate a landslide by throwing your 'boulder' at a friend and making a rumbling noise (this could be achieved by rolling a boulder across the floor).

However, other non-boulder shaped items are somewhat more difficult to create origamically.

Take the humble unicorn. In real life, it's simply a horse with a massive spike coming out of its face.
But in the world of origami, realising that spike requires folds in a dimension invisible to the human eye!
The risks are huge: a well known origami master, whilst attempting to form a unicorn's horn pushed in the wrong direction and was sucked into that invisible dimension forever!

So it's best to stick with boulders if you don't want to get sucked into an invisible dimension forever.

The size of an origami creation depends on the size of the paper that you start with. So the smallest origami creation must have been created with a very small piece: And it was!

The smallest origami creation, a tiny man's arm, was made using a square of paper just 5 x 5mm - the same size as a luxury swimming pool for an aphid!


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