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Stupidest Monkey

You might think that monkeys, our excessively hairy, banana gulping cousins, are all alike.

They all swing through the trees, make 'whooping' noises and when not doing either of those two things, take turns eating bugs from each other's hair.

Of course, you would be wrong to think that, you idiot.

There are loads of different species of monkey in the world, each with totally different characteristics, social hierarchies, and flavours.

The Orangutan is a type of big orange monkey. They have big flaps on the side of their faces to help increase air resistance! For some reason.

And there is the Proboscis, the ones with the massive noses! A big nose helps to smell danger, and, of course, increase air resistance.

At the very bottom of the monkey 'smart triangle' sits the stupidest monkey, the Lemur: a monkey so dumb, it doesn't even recognise its own reflection.

Show a Lemur a mirror, and it will attempt to bite itself to death in confusion - except it probably won't even manage to do that properly. Lemurs are just too damned stupid to do anything properly!

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