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Fastest Millipede

Contrary to popular belief, millipedes, a species of advanced worm, do not have a million legs.
They don't even have a thousand legs.
Millipedes don't actually have any legs at all!

For in order to define a limb as a leg, it requires at least one knee. And millipedes don't have any knees.

What a millipede therefore has are therefore simply stumps!

The reason they need so many of them is because stumps are not limbs built for speed.
Only with a thousand stumps can a millipede achieve a velocity approaching that of its insect peers, and even then, a determined stag beetle could overtake one with relative ease.

No, were an Olympic Games for species of insects ever established, you wouldn't want to bet on Team Millipede.

What you would want to do would be to attend the Millipede Olympic Qualifiers, and bet on the millipede with the smoothest exoskeleton: for that would be the fastest millipede, and would surely win the qualifying competition, making you the millipede equivalent of a lot of money!

I guess that would be a pile of leaves, or dirt, or something.


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