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Most Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking to clean your house, the vacuum cleaner is an indespensible weapon against dust and fluff.

The first vacuum cleaner was accidentally created by Herbert Hoover after he put the valves in his Dam the wrong way round, and instead of blowing water out, they sucked in air! As the population of Boulder City suffocated, Hoover had a thought.

"This would be great for cleaning my carpet!" was that thought!

Today, more than twelve billion vacuum cleaners have been sold. According to my calculations, this means that every woman on the planet owns at least six vacuum cleaners.

No men own vacuum cleaners, because men aren't interested in dust. Men actually quite like dust, because it symoblises mortality, and also wars.

But what of the most powerful vacuum cleaner? Well, that device can be witnessed in the film 'Spaceballs'. It was used to steal a whole atmosphere!

It must have been built, because computer graphics hadn't been invented.

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