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Oldest Canary

"I taught I thawer thpoodeecaath!"

The catchphrase of much-loved popular cartoon canary Tweety Bird there!

Created in 1953, Tweety Bird was one of the Warner Bros. most popular characters, at least until Buggs Bunny was born.
Audiences loved watching Tweety outwit his arch enemy, Sylvester the Cat's ever more fiendish and elaborate plans.

Of course, both Tweety and Sylvester are now both long dead.
Only days after filming the final episode of The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries, Sylvester was found to have developed a large bladder stone. Unfortunately, he died due to complications during surgery.
Tweety lived another fifteen years until he was sucked into a Dyson vacuum cleaner and died from internal injuries.

Were Tweety still alive, he would certainly be oldest canary, and therefore the holder of this WOW.

But he's not.

So instead, the WOW is held by a canary named Frankie, who lives in Tennessee via the Alcan Highway.

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