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Longest Segmented Worm

Several hundred years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and human beings hadn't even been invented, the worm was a creature to be feared.

This is because worms were enormous! Imagine a worm as tall as a house and as long as train: that's the size of a prehistoric worm!

Where is the evidence? Roads!

Many modern roads are based on the routes taken by worms.
For example, the M25, a rubbish circular road that surrounds the city of London was once a popular place for giant worms to coil up and go to sleep! This is why it's called the M25: the 'M' upside down is a 'W' for worm, and there was space for 25 worms to sleep.

These giant worms might still be around today, were it not for the ice age.
The extreme cold caused the worms to contract, turning them into small, wriggling bird-snacks that now live beneath the ground.

The only reminder that worms were once much larger is the existence of the longest segmented worm: which was found in a compost heap in Chester and measured 32cm in length!

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