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Saddest Story

What's you least favourite emotion?
Yes, it's sadness.

No-one likes to feel sad - apart from 'Sad', one of the seven dwarves who, due to mental problems, could feel nothing but sad, and so had to like it!

So it's a mystery why anyone would intentionally want to make themselves feel sad, by watching a sad film, reading a sad book, or listening to a sad song. And yet people do.

If you don't want to be sad, avoid the following - because it's the top five sad things!

1) When you drop your favourite ice cream (event)

2) The sound of a dog yelping (sound)

3) Registering as a sex offender (event)

4) 'Back for Good' by Take That (song).

5) The Allies winning World War 2 and you are Hitler (event).

None of those are stories, however. This is because the saddest story is so sad, it doesn't even register on the sad-o-meter used to rank the top five!

The saddest story is the story about a dog called Bobby who waits around by the grave of his dead master, in Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh.

The story is called 'All Dogs Go to Heaven'.

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