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Closest Comet Approach

The Bayeux Tapestry - hard evidence of the closest comet approach! WOW! Pointing at Halley's Comet

Comets are massive balls of dirt and ice that fly through space. But how are they powered?

Some scientists believe that at the centre of every comet is a refrigerated wrinkly alien, imprisoned by his culture for nasty crimes.

Those scientists are clearly idiots.

Some comets are extremely large, while some are no bigger than a golf ball. But don't get small, golf ball sized comets and small, golf ball sized hail stones confused, and go around shouting about loads of comets hitting the earth when really it's just a hail storm.
That would be very embarrassing.

The closest comet approach to our own planet Earth occured on the 24th of April 1066, when, according to the Bayeux Tapestry, the famous Halley's Comet passed at an estimated altitude of eight feet!


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