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Smallest Visible Object

The human eye is a marvel of nature.
Who'd have ever thought that a blobby, liquid filled ball would actually be able to see things?
Not me, that's for sure!

I'm not exactly sure how the eye works, but if my memory of biology is right, it involves a load of 'cones' and 'rods'.
The rods move up and down, while the cones rotate: this movement is transferred mechanically down the eye's camshaft, and turned into sight!

But as great as it is, the eye isn't perfect. It can't see many frequencies of light, can barely see in the dark, and has trouble looking at small objects. Unfortunately, it is these seemingly invisible small objects, such as bacteria and germs, that cause our bodies the most trouble.
If only we could see bacteria and germs, humans would probably live forever: we could simply dodge out of the way when we saw a germ coming!

The smallest visible object is a gnat. I think a gnat is a sort of mutant ant. Whatever they are, they're very small - less than one millimetre in length!


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