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Largest Atomic Power Plant

Atoms are so ridiculously small, you can barely even see them. Even if you were the size of an ant, an atom would only be the size of a full stop on a piece of ant literature.

And yet there is a tremendous amount of energy inside an atom, enough to power five cars!
That is why atomic energy plants exist - to suck the power out of atoms and put them into cars.

Atomic energy has many advantages. It is very clean, producing no air pollution like coal power plants. And there is a ready supply of atoms - because everything is made out of them.
Not everything is made out of coal.
That would be awful.

But atomic power has one problem. If something goes wrong, the resulting radiation leak is capable of turning entire city populations into crazy zombies!

So you'd better hope that nothing ever goes awry at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa power plant in Japan, the largest atomic energy plant in the world - that is unless you want to transformed into a crazy zombie, shambling around, going "Urrrrr" and eating your friends for entertainment!

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