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Fastest Sand Yacht

A sand yacht is a four-wheeled vehicle. But unlike most four-wheeled vehicles, it has a mast and sail attached to the roof, enabling it to be 'sailed' on beaches and other windy areas as if a boat!

Not involving water gives sand yachts several advantages over their wet brethren (boats).
They cannot sink.
If you fall overboard you will neither drown, nor get eaten by a shark!
And people with a salt allergy are able to be involved.

As they emit no pollution, sand yachts are exceptionally environmentally friendly. As the world gets windier (due to global warming), no doubt sand yachts will become a more common sight on the roads.

How fast can a sand yacht go? Well, there's no better person to ask than Dennis Bergmark, for he was the person behind the wheel of the fastest sand yacht when the WOW was set - at an incredible 22 miles per hour!


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