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Steepest Railway Gradient

If you've ever looked at a railway line, you'll have probably noticed the rails. Those long strips of metal are what the wheels of the train run on.

Another thing you may have noticed is the gradient... or the lack of it!
Railways are usually completely flat, because trains don't have brakes.
This explains why, if you jump out in front of a fast moving train, it won't stop, and will kill you.
To stop at stations, drivers have to learn to turn off their engines at exactly the right moment - a very tricky skill indeed!

But this doesn't mean there aren't any sloped railway lines at all. Of course there are - the world itself is sloped, due to coastal erosion.

The steepest railway gradient is the Leas Cliff Railway, found in Folkestone England, where two gravity powered trains travel up and down a slope of gradient 1:1.64!
What makes this even more WOW-worthy is the fact the railway is 123 years old, and the trains are powered by water!


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