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Biggest Bonfire

Every November 5th in England, children gather around a massive inferno, cheering as an effigy of the infamous Guy Fawkes is placed on top.
And then they all get drunk and stab each other.

Guy Fawkes was the leader of what was known as the 'Gunpowder Plot': an attempt to explode Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
Thankfully he was discovered with only moments to spare and the bomb - disguised as Norman Lamont - was safety detonated.

Ever since then, on the anniversary of the plot, Bonfire Day is celebrated, villages competing by attempting to build ever bigger bonfires.

The biggest bonfire occured in 1666, when a fire began in the city of London, soon growing to become the Great Fire of London!
It was started by a baker, when his dog jumped onto a tray of Eccles cakes. The baker was so surprised, he set fire to his toga!


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