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Longest Apple Peel

Did you know that there are more than eighty different breeds of apple in the world today?
Well there are, and now you do.

There's a good reason for this huge number: apples are the oldest fruit in the world.
What did Adam, the first human man, drink for breakfast every morning?
Yes, it was the juice of an apple!

And like many human men, apples are covered by a skin, or peel. This helps protect them from the prying eyes of the government.
But unlike the peel of many fruits, the apple's peel is not poisonous, and is in fact totally edible!

Still, there are some who prefer to peel their apples before eating them - and thank goodness they do! For if they didn't, this WOW would not exist.

The longest apple peel measured 36 centimetres (360mm), and was peeled by Nancy Danshaw from North Carolina, USA.

The achievement came as no surprise to her, as she was the one doing it.

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