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Largest Toy Manufacturer

When I was younger, playing with toys was one of my favourite pastimes.

I had He-Man toys, Thundercats toys, MASK toys and a Boglin.
Invariably, even though there were only two of them, and even though Lion-O's light-up eyes didn't work, the Thundercats always prevailed in the wars that raged between the clans, thanks to their enormous relative size.
The losers were usually Matt Tracker and his dwarf sized brethren.

I can't have been the only person to play with such toys, as millions were sold, and I certainly don't remember owning millions of toys.

Although I did have two Floyd Malloys.

Where were most of these toys manufactured?
Of course, it was in the country of China.

China is a country where everyone eats rice for breakfast, and instead of 'knives and forks', they use 'sticks and sticks': or chopsticks, as they are known!

Today, China remains the largest toy manufacturer, a remarkable feat considering how far toys have come in twenty years: several miles!

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