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Most Barrels Jumped by a Skater

Have you ever jumped over a barrel?

I haven't: I wouldn't even know where to start looking for barrels to jump over!

You don't see many barrels in today's fast paced world: it's all computers, fax machines and trendy coffee shops nowadays!

Indeed, according to a recent survey, barrels are set to become extinct by 2023!

One person who would be devastated by this is Shigeru Miyamoto, famous for inventing the Super Mario computer video playing game dispensers.
For in his first game, Donkey Kong, barrels are the star of the show! You control a crazy monkey, who must throw barrels into a fire in order to save the mysterious Donkey Kong.

Without the barrels, what are you left with? A monkey and a fire.

If I wanted to see a monkey and a fire, I'd go to my local zoo and set fire to the monkey enclosure!

Another person who would be sad to see barrels become extinct is Keith Harbour, of Margate.
Keith holds the WOW for the most barrels jumped by a skater, a feat only made possible by the existence of barrels.

On the evening of June 18th 2008, he jumped over an awesome 6 barrels!


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