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Largest Natural Sponge

A sponge is an extremely rubbish creature that sits at the bottom of the ocean and sucks up plankton through its porous skin.
Scientists believe that sponges used to be some kind of species of crab, but that devolution transformed them into the soft uselessness that it is today, thanks to extreme laziness.

But while useless in its undersea habitat, sponges are very useful in our habitat: the air!

If you've ever spilled something, or washed something, you have probably used a sponge: sponges are great at soaking up a lot of water!

But don't think every sponge you buy is the result of murdering a sea creature. That would be very disturbing, and might give you a nightmare entitled 'Revenge of the Sponge Civilisation'!

Very few of the sponges you'll have ever seen are natural: they're all artificial.
Natural sponges are of inconsistent size and shape, and are therefore totally unsuitable for stacking in your local supermarket.
In fact, most natural sponges are smaller than a human thumbnail!

Which makes the size of the largest natural sponge all the more incredible: it was the size of a Toyota Spacecruiser!

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