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Oldest Man To Ever Get Married

Have you recently married someone?
If so, congratulations!

Being married presents you with many advantages in life, not least the ability to wear a ring on your finger without being mistaken for a thieving gypsy!

Popular myth suggests that marriage was invented by the Mayor of Swindon in 1730 when he accidentally married his son to a ready-salted peanut.
Details surrounding the event have unfortunately been lost in the mists of time but even today, Swindon sees a higher than average nut consumption rate than any other town in Europe.


Marriage was, of course, invented by Jesus when he got married to his father - The Holy Spirit!

Jesus was only 32 years old when he got married.
The Holy Spirit was infinity years old.

But don't think that makes The Holy Spirit the oldest man to ever get married - because it isn't a man.
It's some sort of cloud.

The oldest man to ever get married is Ralph Oxford, who finally decided to 'tie the knot' at the ripe old age of 83!

Congratulations, Ralph!

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