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Most Deadly Disease

How on earth do diseases ever come to exist?
It's a question that a scientist has asked me for many years. I keep telling him, "Alan, I don't know! Please leave me alone". But of course, he doesn't.

It's a question I'll never know the answer to, so I'll likely never be free of Alan's incessant questioning - at least, not until he is a corpse.
You see, diseases don't ever come into existence on the Earth: every disease that has ever tortured humanity has hailed originally from the cold nothingness of outer space!

German measles, for example, was created on the surface of the planet Mars, and arrived on Earth atop the same asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.
And Hay fever comes from Ganymede.

But those aren't the worst disease. It's Rickets, a disease that makes your legs go all bendy.

Rickets was born on an object known as 90377 Sedna, and was carried to Earth on a cosmic wind in 1723!

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