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Most People Playing Coconuts

Here's an interesting coconut fact: inside every coconut is a small amount of milk, known as coconut milk!
In this respect, the coconut is unique amongst its nutty brethren. No other nut comes with a free drink.

But that isn't the only distinctive feature of the coconut. There are more. And here they are:

1) Hard.

2) Taste foul.

3) Hairy.

4) Float on water.

5) Can be played like a musical instrument.

Yes, the humble coconut can indeed be played like an instrument - the drum. Simply slice one in half and bang the two halves together violently!

Fans of the Monty Python comedy group will know all about this method - for it is used to great effect in their film 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'.
The film is all about some people who play coconuts and run around a forest!
It's hilarious!

And it is thanks to this that the WOW for the most people playing coconuts exists.
For on the evening of the 30th of June 2003, 52 Monty Python fans gathered at Castle Stalker in Scotland and played their coconuts together!

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