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Most Expensive Mobile Phone

In the decade known as the 1980s, making a telephone call was a fiercely restrictive business.
There was no such thing as wireless technology, you see. Every phone had to be tethered to its base unit with heavy 'telecommunications' cabling. And with a maximum length of 30 centimetres, this made dancing and moving freely nigh on impossible!

Suddenly, in 1989, wireless technology was invented! With it, the wired phone instantly got stamped into obsolescence beneath the heel of the mobile phone shoe!

Today, everyone owns a mobile phone.
I own one, you own one... everyone owns one!

But not all mobile phones are alike. Some might have a touch screen, some might have a camera, or a radio built-in. How many of those features does your mobile phone have? One? Two? Three!?

But does your phone have 3,000,000 worth of diamonds set into the handset?
Of course it doesn't!

You don't own the most expensive mobile phone - an anonymous film star does!

It was made by a famous jeweller in Paris, and the ring tone is Fred Flintstone shouting "Wilma!".


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