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Largest Gathering of Plush Toys

Saunter into a children's toy shop and the first thing that you're sure to trip over is a plush toy.

From dogs and rabbits, to bears and Garfields, plush toys are available in every animal shape imaginable, except ducks.

Of course, the word 'plush' originates from the ancient Latin for 'soft' - slush.
But modern slush is what results when snow goes all brown and half-melted!

Plush toys should be filled with rags and old towels, not icy slush.

If it were ever to occur, confusing slush with rags and old towels during the construction of plush toys might have hilarious consequences!

But it so far hasn't.

The largest gathering of plush toys occured on November 15th 1982, when two lorry loads of plush toys collided!
An estimated 1500 plush toys spilled across the M11, causing several deaths and a queue of traffic stretching from Stansted Airport to Cambridge.


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